Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Warm Winter Wishes

We've had an extraordinary amount of snow fall in Seattle this year! It's quite beautiful and definitely helps to get us in the Christmas mood. Even though it makes it very hard to Christmas shop! I have received some beautiful cards in the mail this year too (when the mail carrier has actually made it through the snow)! And I just feel awful that even with a few snow days I wasn't able to make cards this year. I did end up making one card though and I wanted to post it. I had said that my friends hassle me when I go a while without posting...and they do, but I neglected to mention that I actually like when they hassle me because it shows they care and it gets me off my duff and into my craft space!! This card was inspired though by one of my co-workers, who was bummed that I wasn't making cards this year. She complimented my craft by saying she looks forward to my cards...and I'm a sucker for I went home and made this one. Thanks for looking and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Magnolia Monday

I'm affectionately calling today Magnolia Monday because I'm going to post two creations using the adorable Magnolia Stamps.
This picture is of a little folder I created to hold a bunch of images I gifted to a sweet friend of mine. I found the idea on SCS and then just went from there. I really like how it turned out. Hope you do too. :) Have a great Monday!

Mary's Challenge

My dear friend, Mary sent me a wonderful little package of goodies. Included in the package was some patterned paper and a simple challenge to make a card with it. I'm always up for a challenged so I got right on it. I chose these darling Magnolia images that Mary also gifted to me and then let the PP inspire me.

I guess I do need a slap on my hand though because I have had the elements of this card done for a few weeks now and have been procrastinating finally put it all together. My friends always do a good job of hassling me though when they haven't seen a new card from me in a while (one friend in particular is very good at this ;) so I knew that I had to find my mojo and finish over the weekend. It helps that the deadline is fastly approaching as well. Thanks for looking! And I definately have to get this Magnolia stamp now!!

The closeup is to emphasize the fabulous PP that Mary chose for me!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Butterfly Award

Zee Buttahfly Award~ I received this very sweet award from my dear dear friend, Sandra and I'm supposed to nominate 10 people to give it to as well. Darn Sandra...we have the same peeps and she took them all!! :) Instead, I will nominate some FABulous card makers that I follow on a daily basis but admire from afar. Thanks for inspiring me with your work and creativity; I am a better card maker because of YOU!!