Thursday, November 20, 2008

An offer too good to resist

I just popped over to my friend, Carolyn's blog (as I do daily--she's SOOOO talented) and I saw Debbie's generous blog candy. Here's a link to her blog. Go check it out and check out her awesome cards as well!

Jolly Holly Holiday

Actually, this little cutie's name is Charlotte but she's going to be Holly today! I had promised a while back that I'd get this Charlotte stamp from Whiff of Joy inked up and into a card but wouldn't you know it took a card challenge for me to get er done. Thanks to my dear friend, Karen who was bored last Friday at work (love it when that happens) lil Charlotte got inked up and became Jolly Holly Holiday for submission into Karen's contest. It's just what I needed too, now I've got my eggnog latte in that festive red traveler from Starbucks and I'm in the Christmas spirit! Presents for everyone! ...oh wait...
Anyhow, thanks for looking and I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!
If you're having a boring day at work too, pop on over and enter Karen's contest.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too Good

Too good to choose just one! So, I had to choose 2 winners. I mean, I did have 2 cards, right? So, I needed two sentiments.

Actually, I could have used them all. They were all so cute, thoughtful, fun, funny and endearing and I thank you all so very much for helping me out and passing my blog along to a friend.

So without further adieu...the winners are maiahs_momma and Kelly (miamikel4)!!

inside of card

This is Kelly's sentiment and it will go on the blue card, but as I said, that one is still a work in process. And since it will be going to a very special friend, I want the rest of it to be a surprise. Thank you to all for playing. Winners, please PM me over at SCS (kmensley) to let me know what stamp set you would like or leave a comment here if you're not on SCS. Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Getting Colder!

Hi Friends!
I hope you are all enjoying this fine Monday morning. The temperature is starting to drop here in Seattle so I thought it was time for a winter card. My dear friend, Kelly sent me this Hanna Stamps, Ski Bunny image and I just think it's adorable! Thanks, Kelly!
Speaking of Hanna Stamps...the owner, Kristi is going through a pretty tough time right now (for details see her blog) but I'm sure it would be much appreciated if we keep her and her family in our thoughts and prayers.
AND I know you're waiting to hear who won my "But I need it" sentiment contest. I have indeed chosen a winner but I need to put the sentiment on the card and then I'll reveal the winner. Hope you all have a fun Monday!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Say What?

I have affectionately borrowed this line from my friend Mary. But it's very necessary! These cards needs your help!! I'm in desperate need of sentiments for these cards (and while I love the tag line "But I need it," it's not going to work for sending these to my two girlfriends).
So I'm starting a contest-- otherwise known as blog candy. Send me your sentiment ideas and in return you will be handsomely rewarded (well, one of you will be). The prize will be a set of stamps! All you have to do is leave a comment with your sentiment and tell another blogger about the contest. I will pick a winner on Friday (Nov. 14) Thanks for your help!!

This card is still a work in progess (even without the sentiment) and sorry about the bad lighting, I had run out of daylight! You can click on the pic to see closer.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back in Blogland

I've got quite the collection of Hanna stamps going at my house and have been dying to ink them up. Of course they have been sorely neglected though because of a lack of mojo and time. But not this weekend! This weekend I was determined to put these Hannas to work (and myself as well). Here are a couple of them that I came up with. Kiss the cook, I hope meets the qualifications for Candice's Nov. Release challenge. Thanks for looking and any feedback on how I can make my cards better would be great help!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Enabler Alert

Enabler Alert! Enabler Alert!
I swear everytime I sign up for a new swap I go searching for the perfect stamp for it...and I don't mean in my already busting by the seams craft closet...I mean new stuff: fresh, clean, new and adorable stamps! So, what did I do after I signed up for Mary's Baby, It's Cold Outside Swap? Of course, I ran (via world wide web) right over to Pink Cat Studio to purchase the Lily & Tweet Set that I'd had my eye on!

So I had the stamp and then I went in search of the paper. Soon after I found the fibers too and I seemed to be set! I always seem to get a little hung up on the layout though. For months I have been staring at these elements and wondering how I should put them together. Well, I had to kick it in gear because the deadline is swiftly approaching. And once I sat down with it all, I had an absolute blast. Thanks so much for such a fun swap, Mary...and for being my enabler! Off to find Mardi Gras stamps now! *wink*

Young Frankenstein

Halloween just came and went and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to dress up our "baby" Winston. Last week I asked Winston if he'd like to dress up for Halloween to greet our trick or treaters and he wagged his tail. I took that as a yes, so off we went to choose one. Since we waited until last week all the little costumes were on sale! Woohoo! We browsed a bit but I wasn't sure how to gage what would fit him and what wouldn't, or whether anything would look good on him. The sales people were so nice. I told them that I liked both the hotdog and the Frankenstein, so they helped me try them on him. We got the Frankenstein on and that was it. I was sold. I have told friends that I wouldn't buy dog clothes, but this was for an occassion and purpose, right? So I got it and he wore it for Halloween. Too bad we didn't have any trick or treaters! BUT he didn't even try and take it off and kept it on for an hour! At least our 12 yr old nephew that was visiting for the weekend got a kick out of it. Hope you do too. :)

Up To Some Good

Hi friends! Okay, I know that I have been undoubtedly MIA on my own blog as of late, but at least I've been visiting all of your blogs! That certainly counts, doesn't it? Well, here are some of my recent creations to prove that I've been up to some good. Have a very happy hump day!

Beth's Birthday Card

Jenni's Birthday Card

note**Jenni's card was cased from a swap card I received. Thanks for the ideas!!