Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Enabler Alert

Enabler Alert! Enabler Alert!
I swear everytime I sign up for a new swap I go searching for the perfect stamp for it...and I don't mean in my already busting by the seams craft closet...I mean new stuff: fresh, clean, new and adorable stamps! So, what did I do after I signed up for Mary's Baby, It's Cold Outside Swap? Of course, I ran (via world wide web) right over to Pink Cat Studio to purchase the Lily & Tweet Set that I'd had my eye on!

So I had the stamp and then I went in search of the paper. Soon after I found the fibers too and I seemed to be set! I always seem to get a little hung up on the layout though. For months I have been staring at these elements and wondering how I should put them together. Well, I had to kick it in gear because the deadline is swiftly approaching. And once I sat down with it all, I had an absolute blast. Thanks so much for such a fun swap, Mary...and for being my enabler! Off to find Mardi Gras stamps now! *wink*


karen said...

Oh My Kadie's bloggin'!
You're like me.. nothing for ages and then all of a sudden, POOFSIES! A whole string of stuff!

Cute cards, Adorable poopiekins.....


Carolyn Bounds said...

Yayyyy!!! Kadie's back in blogland:o)

I love your card!!! From the looks of it, you didn't have a problem with the layout because it is perfect!!!


Melissa said...

Kadie, I love your card! You did an awesome job!

Niki Estes said...

This is so cute, Kadie! I love the colors and the fibers across the bottom!

Catherine said...

How adorable is this!!!! Love it! Love your coloring, love the fibers, love it all!

Michelle said...

Oh this is lovely. I adore the colors and Lilly - well what can anyone say about Lilly :)

Jennifer Love said...

I LOVE this! What magnificent colors!!