Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, Baby!

It's the beginning of another fast paced week and I hope that I'll be able to fit in some card time and (crossing my fingers) hopefully get back to the Cullen collection.

Here is another card that I made last week for my dear friend, Briana who's baby shower I attended on Saturday. She's having a little girl. Ah, sigh...little girls are so sweet to shop for!!

I apologize for the horrible pictures but I was stranded without a camera and all I had was my phone!! So bad!!

Hopefully, I will get to recreate it sometime for a better picture. Thanks for looking!


Sandra MacLean said...

Not bad for a camera phone Kaders! :D I love the circles and the little jacket is oh so precious! :D When are you getting to Jacob?? ;) By the way....DVD comes out March 21st! Waahoooooooo!

kadie said...

March 21st!! Wahooooo! That is closer than I would have thought. It's still in the theaters here! Thanks for the comment, my dear!

Lorie said...

Indeed, not bad at all for a camera phone! Very cute card, and I love what you did with the inside! Great job! I'm so looking forward to more Cullen cards, and I haven't seen the movie yet either. The DVD will be a must have!!!

karen said...

This is so cute. I love the simple layout! I want to CASE this!!

TAG YOU"RE IT!! (See my blog)

Michelle said...

I love the little sweater. I've been folding a few of those lately - LOL... Beautiful as always!