Monday, January 18, 2010

One of My Hideouts

Craft stuff is taking over my house!! LOL! Actually, it has been but all that is going to change soon! A couple months ago I finally got the garage cleaned out (as promised to DH) and last week I finally got that stuff out of our 1st floor room and organized into the storage closet. Then over the weekend we got the main floor rid of clutter and we're well on our way to the upper level of the house being cleansed now too (time to box up some clothes)!

BUT the best news in all of this is that I'm getting a new craft room! I have been looking at desks and such for a while now and for Christmas we got a really nice gift card to one of the places that I was looking at.

I'm going to show you my current craft space below, but since this is also our guest room (hopefully kid's room someday) and Winston (our dog) doesn't like to be left alone downstairs, I've often found myself with a traveling craft space (the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom...oh, nope, not that last one, I promise)!
The new desk will go in our first floor bedroom that has a door to the small backyard we have, so I won't need to worry about Winston being entertained or getting into things. I'm very excited.
So, without further adieu, now you can have a picture in your mind of where the magic has been happening (not MTV cribs "magic," the card and craft Magic!! Duh).
And I'll be sure to post pics of the new space too whenever that is up and running.
I did want to point out something super special to me in my craft space and that is my card tree. I have this amazing group of friends that I swap with and share life with and this tree holds some of the cards that I've collected from these special ladies. It makes me smile everytime I go in this room and often provides me with much needed inspiration and card mojo.
Thanks for taking this tour with me and I'll see you back here for the next one real soon!


Lorie said...

I love your craft space, and it's so NEAT!! I can't wait to see what you'll do with your new space, and oh, it's going to be so much fun shopping for furniture and all the perfect things to make it your own. Have fun, sweetie!!

Love ya,

Angela said...

You would hate to see mine!! As I too don't have a room all my own!! I have taken over one whole wall in my kitchen and one whole side of the table is just mine( Good thing my husband usually eats in the living room while he watches his favorite shows. And my kids sit on the other side of the table. I have even taken over 3/4 of my utility room. I only cabinet that is not cratfing stuff is right above the washer and that houses all my laundry stuff. If it wasn't for that I'd take that one up too. I Have 2 BIG Chrome shelfs in the kitchen on one wall that only houses just some of my stuff. I bought curtains to hang from it when people come over so no one has to see my mess.
Can't wait to see your new space.

Susan said...

YAY for craft rooms! You're so creative with your papercrafts, so I can't wait to see what you do with your new space! Have fun shopping for furniture and all the extras to make it your perfect crafting haven! (I just told The Man yesterday that I want to change things in mine already, but we'll wait until this fall. He just shook his head and groaned. LOL) Oh, and how brilliant is that card tree! Wow, I'm humbled to see one of mine hanging among the others! {{HUG}}

Stampin Mindy said...

Beautiful space you have, I love how you display your cards. I just put up some photos of my craft space if you would like to check it out maybe you can get a few ideas off of mine :) Hugs!

Judy McMullen said...

Wow! What a neat and tidy craft space, Kadie! I'm looking forward to seeing your new craft room. I love your card "tree" and I see one of my cards on it!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

AWESOME! I LOVE looking at spaces and as you can see from the TGF Newsletter-we make the best of what we have, right? I LOVE that little tree!! Have an aweomse time shopping! Love ya chickie!!!

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely space! Before I moved into my house, I crafted on an end table in the kitchen of my apartment, lol.

momcgw said...

Oh Kadie, I love your nice and neat and organized...I love your card tree as well and thought of you as I picked up something similar on sale this weekend to CASE your idea...(the cards are so special they NEED to be seen). I can't wait to see your new room and this space turned into a room for kidlets...thanks for sharing...mwahh...

Heather said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!! I adore the tree!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I cant wait to be able to have a 'pretty area' maybe ... someday :)

Michelle said...

It's so tidy! you must have been done with your project - or are you a neat crafter? Heaven knows I'm not. I love your card tree too. Thanks for sharing a wee bit of your life with us!

MiamiKel said...

What a sweet and happy place! I am sure you will have such fun shopping for your desk and furniture - enjoy! And that is one SERIOUS box of stampin' rubbah on your desk!! :) I remember the card tree and think it's just the cutest idea - hugs!!

Elena said...

Congratulations on getting a new craft room! So happy for you, Kadie!
Love your craft space you shared with us, so neat and very organized!

Susheel said...

Absolutely love the tree. Such neat space.