Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello, Friends!
Happy Wednesday to you!

My card for you today features another cutie from The Greeting Farm! This is Oliver from the new Oliver & Amelia 'My Favorite Things' set that was released June 1. I don't know what kind of magical powers these O&A stamps have, but every time I color one up and create a card, I just totally fall in love with it!! And of course I had a blast coloring up the fishbowl and adding crystal effects to make the bowl glossy. It's always a fun day when I get to pull out the crystal effects!

You'll notice that Oliver has a little Treasure...his first goldfish. :) I think the true treasure is the moment many neat things happen in our lives and it's up to us to take them all in and enjoy. I tend to think, for myself the biggest collection of moments I have are from my childhood. I really loved being a kid. Something really funny that I did when I was younger (that I'm able to watch on video now) is that I asked my dad if I could hammer some nails. I didn't want to make anything...I had no plans...I just wanted to try it out. So my dad gave me a piece of wood, some nails and a hammer and I was off and running. I took my loot over to a corner of the front yard, sat down, put the board on my lap and proceeded to try and hold my first nail with one hand and the hammer with the other. Of course I just couldn't figure out why the board kept bouncing back and forth and why I didn't have enough strength to get the nail to take hold. My dad looked over at me and knew that I wasn't in any danger of hurting myself (putting a nail in my leg!) because there was no way I could get any leverage with the board on my lap. He let me do my thing for awhile to see if I would try out other methods and then he sweetly suggested that I might want to try putting the board on the ground and kneeling beside it. Of course then I quickly figured out that the board was on concrete and the nails only had an inch to go, but I didn't mind...I was just grinning ear to ear that I had used a hammer and nails. :)

I'm really looking forward to experiencing parenthood someday and taking in all of these moments of discovery with my own children...and of course capturing them on video (yes, I'm going to be one of THOSE parents). :)

I hope you're finding moments to be treasured today! Thanks for stopping by!


♥Rach♥ said...

What a cute story :) Love your card, the layout is so neat, I love the ribbon/tape accent on the side and how you stitched around it!

Sparkle said...

Such a darling card!

Craftyanny said...

Awwwww Kadie what a lovely story:)
Gorgeous card too and a massive thank you for the wonderful candy which was waiting for me on return from my holiday. I can't wait to get playing
Thanks once again
Anne x

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Wow! Another awesome card! I love the image... he's so cute holding his bowl of fish. Love it!!!

Cindy Haffner said...

ohhh the SWEETNESS!!!

Lorie said...

This image is just he sweetest, Kadie! Your card is absolutely fabulous! I LOVE it!!

Lorie said...

P.S. - I love your story, and you're going to make an amazing parent!!

Love ya,