Friday, December 31, 2010

Penguin Party


It's the last Day of December and I'm headed over the mountains to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with my wonderful in-laws. But before I go, I have one more card for 2010 to share with you!

For this one I've used Party the Penguin (by Jane's Doodles for Claudia and Company) to create a penguin PARTY!! And you might have noticed that I also snuck in Lori Boyd's penguin companion stamp that comes with the Winter Ella. :) I was thinking about this penguin with the scarf on and then I saw a "do not open until Dec 25" stamp...and I thought, well maybe Party the Penguin is like 'Lotso' from Toy Story 3 and he wants to have the spotlight on himself, so he put all the other penguins in a jar and attached that note. I come up with these little stories for my cards...LOL! But then when I started making the card it just seemed to go in a little bit different direction. Instead, these little penguins are yours for the price of 5 cents each and Party the Penguin is having his day in the spotlight, just as he'd hoped, because someone just picked him!
And that's the story. :)

I hope you ALL have a Wonderful New Years and I'll see you again very soon!

P.S. sorry for the bad photo, I could not find the charger for my regular camera anywhere and had to use my bad backup!


Danni said...

Fun card!
Hope 2011 brings you lots of happiness!

Tracy said...

Pure genius Kadie. LOVE this!

Happy 2011!!


Lorie said...

Such a stinkin' cute idea! I LOVE the story and all your paper piecing on this one, Kadie! Have a very happy new year!

Love ya,

LORi said... are a genius!!! hoe stinkin' CUTE and oh so CLEVER!!


Amy said...

This is so cute Kadie, I love Party Penguin and the jar full of hearing the story behind your card too! Great fun! Have a great New Year!

MiamiKel said...

Oh Kadie, this is absolutely the cutest card ever - so adorable in style and a whimisical card bringing smiles abudant! Best wishes to you this 2011 and May He bless you richly this upcoming year in health and happiness and everything beautiful - hugs! x0x0

Mary Giles said...

This is adorable Kadie!!! I love the paper piecing and all those penguins in a jar crack me up.

gobeagirl said...

Hi Kadie. This is just adorable! My family and I love penquins and this is just too darn cute. Great job. Hugs, LIsa G

Michelle said...

I just love this card. I think this is the 3rd time I've stopped by to look at it. Love the image - it's a giggler for sure.

Happy 2011 to you and yours. May it be joyful and blessed.